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NUIM? No bro, it’s Maynooth University, got it?

Where do I begin?
Ah yes, after completing the leaving certificate in secondary school I decided to ‘hop on the friend bandwagon’ in fear that I had to be with my friends to enjoy college. My first choice: Computer Science and Software Engineering…….yeah I know……

I chose this thinking that I would enjoy the challenge. Fate however is not without a sense of irony!!  The course enjoyed my suffering more than I enjoyed the course. So I dropped out, started a new course and transferred back to Maynooth when it was possible to do so.

Second Time Lucky!!!
After transferring back to Maynooth I reaped the benefits of the new library, great proximity and a great module variety. The only weak point (which is not the university’s fault) is the nightlife! God I just don’t see a point in going out in Maynooth. I feel like I am back in a teenage disco every establishment I enter (sorry Roost, Brady’s, Mantra in advance) so my final year in college in consisting of study and society involvement. Despite this set back, the MSU do work hard to provide the college students with top-notch events and have always done so.

Let’s get back on track:
What is great about this college? Well the people are great, the grounds are beautiful and the modules are interesting. This year (my final year) I have taken modules like sustainability and social media (which is my reason for writing on this topic) but the most interactive and interesting module is social media. Here are some photographs I took of the castle just outside the South Campus.

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Get Involved!!!
I am not the first person to say this nor will I be the last but the university experience is student-generated. In other words don’t expect everyone else to make the experience for you. It takes self commitment and eagerness to be part of a wider community. The more people you meet, the bigger your network becomes at university. This applies to all college life and thus it applies to Maynooth University. I know people who literally go into college, go to class and then go home. This is not what college is about. You spend your days working on academic writings or studying as well as attending classes but ultimately you need to get involved in extra curricular activities on campus. For instance, I am the events officer of the Maynooth University Business Society. So from running social nights out for members to raising funds for charities I am kept busy while at college. This involvement looks great on a C.V. as well as developing new skills and characteristics needed when entering the working world.  If you are thinking about applying for Maynooth University, here is a link to the great range of clubs and societies available to join.

To conclude, Maynooth University is a fantastic college that provides students with great resources to aid study and ongoing learning. The only negative aspect of the Maynooth Experience is the off campus night-life available which is limited and to be frank nothing special.